Quilting Classes

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.
— Herman Melville

Strips and Curves

I love to teach and one of my favorite quilts is from the book “Strips and Curves” by Louisa L. Smith. I will work with you to select the perfect fabrics for your project. We’ll meander through the book and create a masterpiece that you’ll be proud to own.

Peruse the book and you’ll be hooked! Books available at your local quilt shop, or on the order page of the author’s site as an autographed version.

Contact me personally for rates and travel information.

Tuffet Class

Learn to make your own tuffet using Myra Mitchell’s tuffet pattern. The finished size is 18” round and approximately 12” high.

Organize a group of 6 to 8 students and we can have a tuffet party!

Fee: $65/student, two class sessions.

Beginning Longarm Quilting 101

This is the class for the student who is in the beginning stages of using their longarm machine. We will run through the basics of setting up your machine and machine maintenances. We will learn to load a quilt and work with problem boarders, (uneven borders). Quilting will begin with Pantographs, and then we will learn some all over and background freehand techniques. Classes scheduled by appointment.

Fee: $200.00/day 2 students.
Private lessons: $300.00/day

Let’s Customize This Quilt

This class is for the student who has been quilting for awhile and wants to find their own style of custom quilting. We will explore different quilting techniques and styles, what and when to use them. We will use templates, pantographs and explore freehand quilting. Classes scheduled by appointment.

Fee: $200.00/day 2 students.
Private lessons: $300.00/day

Private and personal classes are offered and designed to fit your needs.

Classes are limited to 2 students which will allow you ample time to operate the longarm and have a more personal experience.

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